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First impressions count!

You find yourself at a new place in a foreign country; you miss your favourite meal, a haircut would be needed as well. You so much would like to attend your familiar church service, you should sign up for German classes, better today than tomorrow. Insurance companies are after you, the municipal authority expects your registration. These are all little details, but they can make your arrival a big hassle.

According to my personal relocation-experience it is the very first time in a new country that shapes the stay. Once you manage to build up your personal basics and make yourself feel comfortable in day-to-day life, then you can start to explore your new surrounding with lively interest and get to know the unknown.

I offer myself to lead you through the turbulences of the first days after arriving in the Basel area. Having in mind that every person has his own basic needs I try to get you acquainted with the essential usages of our country considering your own personal concerns. Once you have gained ground, things appear to take care of themselves.



Margrit Cleis
Baselmattweg 188
CH-4123 Allschwil

+41 (0)61 422 11 45

mcleis [at] toyourassistance [dot] ch

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