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You plan to do business in Basel, you want it to become a success. Let me know your basic concept, your ideas; I realize them for you and arrange for an efficient operation. Your time is precious, too precious for bothering with details. You want to focus on the essential, on your customers and business partners; it’s them who make your success.

It is my concern to arrange your meetings to take place at a suitable location with an appropriate ambiance. There are various options, yet, you need to know them. I offer you my advice, discuss my ideas with you and take care of the organisation.

After a hard business day, you like to relax. Having achieved good business over some days, you like to explore our area. Switzerland as well as the neighbouring countries offer a rich variety of attractive points of interest; planning ahead extends the opportunities and helps saving money. I gladly help you with my suggestions, take care of the needed arrangements and escort you.

Should the German language cause a problem to you, I am happy to guide you in English language through the days of your stay. I have enough knowledge of French as well to communicate with you.



Margrit Cleis
Baselmattweg 188
CH-4123 Allschwil

+41 (0)61 422 11 45

mcleis [at] toyourassistance [dot] ch

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