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People have always been of importance to me, ever since young age. I have been interested in their needs, their joys and difficulties. I tried to help wherever possible. And I have been feeling comfortable among people of all nations, of all kinds. During a three years’ stay in London, my international sense for new and unfamiliar things was strongly moulded. At Putney College in London I met and got to know students from all over the world who extended my international concerns. My understanding for different cultures and ways of living was widened by living in the USA for nine years, by 6 years of life-experience in Germany as well as by travelling to new continents.

I then came to the conclusion that there is one thing all people have in common: the conversation by word, by gestures and signs. So I learned to communicate with a minimum of words. As a city guide, a freelance journalist, an English teacher and, last but not least, as a mother of two children I could use and develop my ability to openly approach people. Now, as a personal assistant, I pass this experience on to my customers.

Margrit Cleis


Margrit Cleis
Baselmattweg 188
CH-4123 Allschwil

+41 (0)61 422 11 45

mcleis [at] toyourassistance [dot] ch

Margrit Cleis

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